unlimited evening
9/9/2003 10:44:00 PM

I activated my old rogers cell phone today. I wasn't going to, but since the coverage here in PEI sucks really bad, they usually have really good price plans.

It was a self serve activation, I like that. I went to Future Shop, the only dealer of Rogers AT&T in PEI. The service rep dials the number and passes me the phone saying..."we don't have any dealer codes anymore so they will have to talk you through it."

Ohh, ok. So when I get out of the store I call my friend Tash on her cell. I tell her my number and tell her to call me back. Knowing that it works already, but what is it about communication devices, you think that you need to test them both ways...?

When she called me back I said in my very best phone lady voice.."The Rogers AT&T cellular customer can not be reached" Then I hear her say to Gill, "oh she can't be reached". By that time I say hi, hello...and burst out laughing. She had already hung up. Tee hee. So I had to call her back. When I told her what I did she said, "I was thinking that that lady sounded a bit like you lorrie." We both immediately burst out laughing, using our unlimited evening minutes.

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