hurricane juan
10/1/2003 3:45:00 PM

2:39 AM, I wake with my window blinds crashing about, knocking a bottle of water over. Glug...glug...glug. What the? Holy crap that wind! Whooosh, whoooosh, whooosh.

3:09 AM (faintly) "Hello." Ryan says peering out of his room wondering if anyone else can sleep through this.

3:30 AM "Does anyone want a beer?" Yeah sure man. You want a pb&j sandwich lo j? "Yeah ok." Does anyone realize how funny we look staring out the windows in the sunroom getting freaked by how the electric lines look like skipping ropes and the trees look like they will snap at any second." Yeah...

Felicity says, "Lorrie, did you know that they change between male and female names for hurricanes starting at the beginning of the alphabet and moving to the end." "nope did not know that." "Yep, this one is Juan so the next one will be a female name starting with K." "I bet it will be Kate, Hurricane Kate." Yeah.

Turns out that the next one was named Kate. Just another account of my freaky psychic ability even while surviving a hurricane. (Did I mention that I'm so glad I live in a brick house.)

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