roger dodger
10/23/2003 11:58:00 AM

There are six of us sitting at a booth at Cedars. I looked down and everyone had a cell phone. Ok. That's just freaky. Somehow I didn't belong. They all had silver flip phones with Telus or Aliant. Hmmm. I sat there with my baby blue Roger's Nokia.

It's an old gag, but it's always fun. Jevon calls my cell, and then says "hmmm, it's says the Roger's AT&T customer can not be reached." I look down at my phone and notice that even though it's still turned on, the signal is zero. Not even one little bar. Bastards! I only get a signal when I'm outside or at my apartment. I'm not sure why the signal is so strong at my place, perhaps I don't want to know either. Could be a cancerous tower just down the street, or perhaps it is the radiation from the electric company. ?? Makes for good reception though.

I've decided to go to Telus today, and check out their phones and packages. I really like Nokia's though. I don't even know how to dial on those Samsung phones! But it might be nice to not have a dead battery at the end of the day. My phone worked perfectly too in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax a few weeks ago. I don't think I can wait for a digital tower to come to PEI. I think I'm missing a lot of calls.

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