putting on the Nokia charm
10/28/2003 11:50:00 AM

Good bye Nokia, hello Samsung.

I went to Future Shop on Saturday. Which means I don't leave without spending money. I decided to get a Samsung silver flip phone from Telus. (The influence was too strong jevon.) My phone actually works indoors!! This may not seem like a big deal, but if you are used to running outside to answer your phone you can relate.

ATTENTION: ALL ROGERS CUSTOMERS in Prince Edward Island. You don't have to deal with shitty signals, if you are still using a crappy TDMA phone. You can now upgrade for *free to a GSM phone! Not that a GSM signal will be much better, although a global standard, we are mostly on the fringe here in PEI, so the signal isn't so strong. But much better than the TDMA network.

*( actual results may vary, depending on who you talk to at Rogers, and how serious you are about totally canning your account. )

How do I know this? Well I had a great chat with a Rogers customer consultant yesterday. After I called to cancel my account, he offered me a $200+ Nokia GSM phone for free. That's right not a penny. Shisha, nice of you to give me that deal after I signed a one year contract with Telus. I could probably have gotten out of the contract with Telus, since I had less than 30 minutes of airtime on my new phone, but I didn't want to play the outdoors game anymore. So I told the guy, "listen, I've been really happy with Rogers when I lived in a digital area, but now it's just not cutting it. Hey, I'm even giving my old Nokia to my friend Gillian, she's moving to Halifax and the phone will work great there for her."

Finally a CSR who was willing to offer as much as he could. He told me to have Gillian call him and just transfer my account to her, so she wouldn't have to pay the setup fees. Then he offered to give her the free phone as well. Wow, I just got my friend a $200 phone. Happy birthday!

When I told Gill she was estatic, having felt envious of all the roomies with their tiny new phones. I told her that she was going to be touting one of the coolest color screen, web ready phones around. I will probably be envious when I see the phone. I'm still a sucker for those fancy colored faceplates, and wow a color display. I'm going to cry now. No I feel all good inside, like I'll get mine one of these days for doing such a nice thing.

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