malaria excursions
11/3/2003 12:10:00 PM

Ok, I'm sick again. This is the second cold for me in a month or so. I'm going to get tested for Malaria tonight since I had a fever on Friday. My friend Spock says "that if you get Malaria and go too long without treatment, first you go crazy, then you die." Hmmmmm. Perhaps I better get tested to rule that one out. My immunization nurse told me, "after you get back from Belize if you get a fever in the next year, get tested for Malaria." Gee no wonder I'm paranoid. I don't think I even got bitten once by a mosquito. There was one excursion to that fresh water lake though.

Jeepers. I don't want to go crazy, that might affect my writing.

Halloween was a blast this year. I'm still waiting for pics from a friends digital camera. They have a camera but nothing to download the pics on. Snap. That's some kind of crazy high tech - low tech scenario. So when I get the pics I'll be sure to post.

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