dog napping
11/11/2003 12:30:00 PM

Yesterday I built a web form for Shizamo to send text messages directly to my cell. I just need to add validation before I post it. I love technology.

Mark said to me this week, "Did you go see the Matrix yet?" Nah not yet. "I heard it was sucky. I haven't even seen the second one." What. Well I plan to go see it, after all it's about geeky tech and martial arts. My two favorite things. I haven't seen it yet, perhaps tonight with Michelle.

Oh and I just want to let you in on this, the gig is up dude, I know who sent the following text message. :) ...

Ren has been dog napped. He will be returned safely if you cooperate. Do not call police. Instructions will follow.

Hee hee you don't stand a chance dog napping ren, he'd bite your hand off...ok well maybe your pinky.

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