running on a timer
11/13/2003 8:15:00 PM

Oh the rush from coding! I now know why I love to sit and analyze line after line. I've been sitting here since 3pm today, writing, debugging, testing, rewriting...and 4 hours later...

It worked!! I've been modifying a vbscript file that just stopped working in July. The script was supposed to send an electronic newsletter to subscribers based on the content they've selected. I thought the server had the code red virus in June when it stopped working, since cscript would just time out. Once I created a VB application, the debugger allowed me to find a type mismatch error trying to assign an string array to a private class member. I'm still not sure why that error started happening, as the code used to work perfectly for months. I assigned it to a local variable array just for kicks and it worked. No type mismatch.

After my modifications today, I have it running on a timer that will automatically run in 20 seconds, or you can manually override it with a button interface. Of course tomorrow will be the final test as I have the executable scheduled on the webserver to run at 2:43AM in the morning.

Heee heee. Geeeze I'm all pumped up now from the excitement. The hollering stage has ended. That's the nice thing about working late, no one can hear me hollering...and cranking my music.

So I just finished creating a background image for my application that looks like this. :) I know I'm a weirdo, but ask me why?..because I can!

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