1/3/2002 9:27:00 AM

Could it be that Apple is going to revise a Newton in the latest iBook - iPod design, named (of course) iWalk? This is still hush hush, to be released at MacWorld in four days, but these spys are on to the latest news from Apple. I think after all this trouble I've been having with my Palm that's reason enough to explain to Vee that I just have to have one. He's pretty smart to fall for that though. Looks like an iPod, it's OS is like a cross between Palm and OSX. Hmmm. The jog dial at the bottom of the unit reminds me of the communicators in StarTrek. Beam me into your network Scottie!

Another note, if you are using AOL to see this and your Instant Messenger is on, than you might have a security risk. A big bug in the form of a memory overflow was found.

Thank heaven for slashdot, coffee and other geeks...

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