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11/16/2003 11:30:00 PM

Since I've posted my text messaging form on Friday, I've received: one marriage proposal (thanks will), one hello (hi brad), and a couple of hey can you pick up coffee cream on your way home (rean), or call so and so they called home looking for you. (nicky) (And no, the novelity hasn't worn off with the new phone yet.)

I went to visit that little Gateway laptop at Future Shop again on Saturday. This time I had another geek friend along (jevon) to get some feedback. The blue shirted guy, not my friend Eli, but another, was really into selling it to me. First he asked.."what kind of work will you be doing on the notebook?" Mostly programming, some video editing. "oh your a programmer, alot of compiling?" I think, what the? Is this for real? I must be missing something. Since when did compiling an app drain my resources? You should see the piece of crap laptop I'm using at home to code with presently. I've maxed out my processor before, creating graphics but not compiling. So then he tells me, about the new Centrino chip. ahh the Pentium M I say. Improved battery life. That's right. Are you bored reading this yet? ...as I felt pretty bored so far with the conversation.

A geek loves their hardware, but for me it has to look as good as it functions. (Just like a boyfriend, should look good and also be productive.)

Which reminds me of a conversation I had a while back with my friend Tash. We were discussing how each boyfriend we had had good qualities and often quite different from one another. She says, "if I could Frankenstein a boy, that might be perfect." What? "You know take the best from each one and customize a new one." Ahh, wouldn't matter, you'd only end up dating someone who looks like you anyway!

See I have this theory, that most couples look alike. I've seen so many married couples that look alike. And if they don't, well it might not last. That would be like trying to have a relationship somewhere where there's wood paneling on the walls. Bad Feng Shui.

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