12/28/2003 4:13:00 PM

I can't be the only one who has ever done it. God I would hope not because I feel like an ass.

Last night during our Christmas party at the apartment, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Ok, I know you are asking "how did that happen lorrie?" Well, I have this nifty red holster that clips onto my belt, and if I was wearing a belt it probably wouldn't have happened. The holster was clipped to my pants. The next thing you know, after the flush and before washing my hands I look over and notice my cell submerged completely in water.

What do I do next? Well wash it off in the sink of course, as if it wasn't wet enough already. So now my phone isn't working.

The worst part about it, not that there is really anything nice about it, it's all kind of shitty (no pun intended) is that I just downloaded new ringtones and images the other day that were a total waste of money now.

How am I going to take it back with a straight face and tell them "I don't know why it stopped working...I just woke up and it no longer worked...hmmm"?

The nice part about yesterday, because yes, I am an eternal optimist, is that I'm writing this on my fly new laptop. Oh that's weird I just had an interesting thought, perhaps my cell phone was jealous of the laptop and took a suicidal leap. My laptop is pretty cute after all. It's only 4 pounds and right now I am sitting in my room with not a single wire connected. Ahh wireless is so hot right now.

Looking on the bright side once again...I can now upgrade to the Samsung camera phone, with a color screen. Don't want the new phone to have any suicidal thoughts.

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