network >= pains
1/6/2004 11:24:00 PM

Chricky. I never really enjoyed networking that much. Give me some code to read any day. But when one loses one's internet connection...one is forced to reboot everything and open every damn panel related to networking, as many times as it takes.

First shut everything off. (At this point this is going to get really boring, but it's mostly for my records, in case my router is a dud and I need to do this all again) Wait 5 minutes. (You can walk the dog at this point.) Then start up the ISP high speed modem. Wait a couple more minutes, plug in the router. Then start up both workstations. Type the router address in the browser. Make sure that the WAN settings have an IP from ISP. Check LAN settings for DHCP server enabled. Cross fingers. Open a command prompt, and type ipconfig. Pray that the IP address has changed from the 169...error one to a sexy internal 192.168.X.X

Nicky said "I would have given up by now, lo j, you sure have patience." "Geeks don't give up until it's working Nicky" I will admit, as frustrating as it is, I love when a piece of the puzzle unfolds so that you have another option to explore.

The one thing I did notice is that ren tends to really get on my nerves when I ignore him and geek out. He starts barking and turning circles like a weirdo.

"All right renny, mamma's coming to take you out."

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