beta testers = bagel eaters
1/29/2004 12:22:00 PM

The challenge I have is this. Are you ready to shizamoblamo? I'm looking for some beta testers to demo my enhancement to shizamo. That's right you can comment away just like my heros at slashdot.

The fun part about the beta testing is that you can post all the bad words you want! (I'll be deleting the test entries before I go live.) That is your reward I guess, total freedom to post crap. Because I'm not offering money. Perhaps if you live near me, I could make you a bagel...I think we have 9 left.

So if you want to be a tester, you'll make shizamo history. Yeah right, whatever. Just send me a text message, with your email address in the message, and I'll email you the test URL. Or you can go here, to send me an email.

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