2/5/2004 6:07:00 PM

Ahh, the conversations I have with vee. We are almost always in disagreement these days. Like he'll say, "Dude, turn on anti-aliasing on your display, your fonts look like doo doo." all high and mightly like I don't know what anti-aliasing is. I was like Earth to Vee I think I know what anti-aliasing is, I'm a graphic designer too.

I just happen to prefer it turned off cause anything under 9 pts looks all fuzzy like it went through the dryer with too much fabric softener. I'm into sharpness these days.

Just two days later...(this cracks me up), after looking at his new flash menu that contains less than 9 pt text, he says to me..."How come it looks all faded on my screen and not on yours."

I shit you not.

Aside from our huge egos when it comes to working together, we are getting good results with the box office modifications. Soon there will be discounts available online! Try telling that to some staff this week, who insist on calling me because they lost access to their H drive. You can see why I prioritize development over support. Maybe I should send them to the internet help desk...

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