victory is salsa
2/11/2004 5:36:00 PM

For the first time since I met Vee he was able to admit he was wrong about something. This is not to say that he was never wrong before. He just had a really hard time admitting it.

Yesterday, a funny discussion began close to quitting time. Our hunger changing our thoughts to food. Vee says "I wish I could make some nachos, but you forgot to get salsa." Hmmmm I thought. No I didn't, I got salsa last night after karate, when I got the Cheerios. (Renny and I eat Cheerios together for breakfast everyday.)

"No you didn't" says Vee slightly annoyed that I didn't remember that he said to me the night before "Dude, you forgot to get salsa." He then said (and this is where is gets funky, cause he likes to put words into my mouth...) "I asked you, and you said oh no! I must have forgot to get the salsa!"

It's quite possible that if he asked me such a question, I just tuned him out. I have a habit of doing that while at my computer.

A bet was made, of course, that if I did indeed remember to get salsa, then he would agree to recording a sound file that said so. This is the result of our little bet.

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