triple digits
2/13/2004 12:53:00 PM

It's not who you know...it's how high your IQ is.

This would sum up my discussion with Vee last night. I cracked up when he boasted that his IQ was ###, (we'll leave the actual numbers out of it) Realizing then that mine was 1 point higher, I started jumping around doing a victory dance of sorts. Tee heee, he fell into that one.

So now I have to take the same test he did to prove it. Bring it on, I love the ones with complex diagrams and puzzles to solve.

And so our competition of who's smarter continues. He sure brings out the competitive nature in me. I think it's because he's always calling me a bozo. Nah, could be his arrogance when I say something, that he doesn't know about, and he gives me a look like I haven't a clue what I'm talking about. (like metabase...that's another story)

Why is it that I'm reduced to silly competitions with him. Ahh well, at least I'm a better at snowboarding! :)

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