var stages of drunkenness
4/15/2004 6:44:00 PM

Since Flash in the Can, I've been looking at alot of Flash developers sites. They are an interesting breed. An ounce of programmer, with a sprinkle of designer. I think I may have found my niche. Yay.

If you've got nothing better to do right now, check out Glen Rhodes site. The "drunkifier" in particular. There's a flash whiteboard that you can draw on, then click a button to see your drawing as though a drunk person just drew it. It's fun. I was drawing a couple of sketches of ren, and the drunken drawing is actually much more interesting. I guess those 3 years spent at art school were lost on me.

If someone ever tells you to install messenger plus, tell them to go blow a goat. It's loaded with shite that at first glance just adds a stupid search bar to your IE, but upon registry examination leaves a payload of trojans and spyware. "The plus is actually all the shite that comes with the neat little app." Too bad, the app itself has some really nice features that almost makes messenger as good as trillian. Why am I so addicted to seeing my picture in messenger? That's it I'm going back to trillian. The LOL in trillian is the best anyway.

Really bogus warez doods. Beware!

But if you happen to have already installed it, email me, I can tell you every registry entry and hidden exe to delete.

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