bananas anyone?
4/25/2004 11:57:00 PM

I doubt I'm the only one who has noticed this. Dining at Cora's for breakfast this morning with Tom, Andrea, Merv, Rose and Tash, a smile comes over my face at the point when the waitress put Andrea's Egg's Benedict in front of her. There it was exactly as I remember it. BANANAOS ERECTUS.

The first time I noticed this was just before I left for Belize last summer. My plate arrived with a plethora of fruit on the side and an erect banana smack in the center. If I hadn't stopped eating bananas just a few months before, I would have likely sucumbed to the subliminal message and thought my breakfast was unbelievable.

(I was off the bananas for awhile because I heard they attract mosquitos and travelling in a country where there's a risk of Malaria I took all the precautions I could.)

"So was breakfast good for you?" Hell yeah.

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