water outting
5/11/2004 5:36:00 PM

Our apartment has been a feng shui nightmare recently. For some reason in the past 6 months we have had a fridge leaking water, the kitchen pipe burst, kitchen sink and tub clogs, and finally the pipe that goes to the toilet is leaking all over the bathroom floor...and now into the kitchen through the ceiling!

I'm thinking that there's some unbalanced energy in our place, with all of these water problems. I've been reading about electromagnetic stress, and that would make sense, as we have 4 laptops, 3 cell phones, 4 televisions, a cordless phone, 4 phones upstairs, and a microwave in the house.

Sitting at Baba's today at lunch, Tom, Greg, Cecily, Vee and I are discussing the feng shui idea. Greg says "Are you sure it's not a PLUMBING problem lo j, and not a feng shui problem." Vee says "Well it all started once you took Michael Jackson out of the closet." "What you have Michael Jackson in your apartment?" says Tom. "Yes, we have a lifesize cutout of Michael, that I took out of the closet recently." "So you're saying you helped Michael out of the closet?" says Cecily. "Yeah" "You outted Michael." says Greg. "Yep, maybe that is the root of the problem."

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