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5/21/2004 5:55:00 PM

I was about to add an entry 3 times in the last 2 days and got interupted in the process. Does that mean I'm so busy and important that I can't keep my time here? No. Just bad timing I suppose.

I've finally finished the category feature I started building in January. Yes the work you do for yourself always gets shifted to the back of the queue. You may have fun with the categories, I dunno, it sure helps me find things easier now.

I've also added a new enhancement to the Flash dev I built for Jason. I've integrated a paypal component in his order page. I also added one of his tracks, which I think is better if it's what you are selling.

My favorite part is the confirmation page. Hee now I can just go here whenever I need the bleat.

Weeee! I just realized my long weekend has officially begun.

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