tax the brain
6/10/2004 12:34:00 PM

So much for the early riser thing. Going to bed past midnight seems to be the only glitch in my perfectly planned scheme. I set my alarm for 8AM today and it totally felt like I was sleeping in. So there was some benefit to taxing my brain like that.

Tash is here and we are having a Corn & KD boil for lunch. I think my lack of sleep, or schedule mess up has had an effect on my cravings.

I may need to have another starbucks this afternoon to help me through. God I'm ranting off topic. While I'm at it though, I should put the invitation out to all you wireless hipsters in town (yes even you Mac variety sorts) to come by Mavors for some wifi and fuzzy milk caff. The coffee's on me if you have a smoking laptop.

;) - that includes you Jevie.

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