the devil inside my wallet
7/3/2004 8:02:00 AM

As a geek, you should probably never leave home without your laptop. I say to D, "No it's a karate weekend, I'm not bringing any technology." What a mistake.

First reason. We did end up going to Moncton, where I know there is a wireless connection outside Future shop. No biggie. How bad is it if I can't go 4 days without internet I think.

Second reason. I ended up buying the new Samsung A600 color camera phone to fill the tech void. My bill was $666.98. (I don't think that was a sign from the devil inside my wallet.)

And finally the third reason. I sit here at Pat and Heather's in Amherst, and they have a wireless connection. DOH. The morale is don't leave home without your tech, even for a day...or you'll end up just replacing it with the first shiny, pixelated, colorful thing you find at the mall.

P.S. karate camp is going well.

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