cellular loophole
7/5/2004 12:39:00 PM

I just found a loop hole with Telus mobility. This AM I awoke to my new phone chiming it's text message notice. I then hear the familiar beep of my old Samsung also chiming it's reminder beep that I had a text message. ???

How could this happen I think, my old phone is now out of service. I even tried calling on the old phone to be sure it was disconnected. I hear "10-2-2, your phone is not activated." Interesting. I try to send a text message with my old phone and the familiar "message sent but not stored" appears on the screen. I check with Tash, who I sent the message to, but she didn't get anything. So the phone is not able to send messages or make phone calls.

I need to look into this further. I call Tash and ask her to send me a text message from her phone. I only receive it on my new phone. Shizamo however, is sending messages to both phones. Very cool.

I still don't know what I'm going to do with my old phone. Anyone want to buy a 7 month old Samsung A540? I never dropped this one in the toilet, in fact it's in perfect condition.

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