car audio revisited
7/7/2004 11:54:00 PM

My JVC car stereo recently stopped working.

Just before my road trip to NB/NS last week I noticed that the stereo was unusually quiet. I tried turning up the volume and then grabbed the first cd I could find in the dash. The familiar "HELLO" appeared on the front of the face plate. Good. It appears to be playing the cd. I then try and adjust the volume but there's no response from the face plate. Hmmmm. I'll try advancing the track. No that's not working... I'll try ejecting the cd. No response. All of my programmer debugging skills are honed at the task at hand now.

Hmmmm. This shouldn't be happening. I turn the car off and turn it back on. "Hello" That's right, Hello, now work with me will you.

At this point, it will only be fair to you to know that "jenny from the block" is the song playing on the cd. I had left an old cd in the dash that Malcolm burned for me 2 years ago. (You know those cds...there's like one track on them that you like and the rest is shite you would never listen to.) So karma, being what it is, has decided that that will be the cd I am forced to listen to for the remainder of my vacation.

I call Rean on my cell, "Rayan come out side, I need you to look at my stereo, it's fuc%ed!" Rean comes out and frantically presses all of the buttons on the front, then proceeds to crack up, seeing as how I'm forced to live in some kind of getto hell inside my car.

I went to Future Shop on Monday. I looked at my warranty for the stereo. I never buy the Future Shop warranty. I managed to find the corner of the warranty brochure sticking out from under an Anne of Green Gables cd in my dash. Weeeee. This thing is under warranty! The expiration date....June 15th, 2004. Whoa, that's not buddies. Just a couple of weeks over. I had the guy who installs the car stereos at Future Shop, have one final futile go at ejecting J Lo, to cease the problem. Nothing.

I immediately purchased a Pioneer car stereo with a 2 year warranty and never spoke of it again.

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