7/16/2004 5:38:00 PM

I don't know exactly when we started it. My brother and I always call each other dork. He's gone out of his way to put a post-it on my car window that says "Hi Dork."

I've gotten him on occasion as well. You see Greg is a bit obsessive compulsive. He used to get his instant coffee ready the night before, and just put a saucer over it, ready to pour in the boiling water. Yes that's much MORE instant. Well that seemed like the perfect place to put a post-it... "Good Morning Dork" inside the cup, with the saucer on top ready for his early morning greeting. That was my best one. Up until last week.

I decided to give my brother my old Samsung phone. He's been wanting to get a pay-as-you-go cell for awhile now. I programmed "DORK" as the banner on the front of the phone. The conversation followed...

"You take that the f%ck off there, I have to use that phone in public!" "Nope." "Take it off." "Nope. That's my payment for giving you the phone." Turns out it was a perfect plan to teach himself how to use the phone, going through every menu until he found out how to change it. I think I got the best of him this time.

So I arrive at work last week with a message waiting on my voicemail. Here it is. I cracked up immediately.

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