7/27/2004 6:08:00 PM

I have 19 different passwords. (and counting...) 5 email accounts, online banking, administrator access, hosting accounts, website administration access, memberships with amazon, telusmobility, thinkgeek, indigo, ebay, new york times, farewatcher, etc. I never use the same password for any one thing.

It's my paranoia that someone will figure one out and have access to everything in my digital life, so I keep making up new ones. I devised a clever naming convention though. All of them have over 8 characters too.

On any given day I will use over 12 of them.

I've never forgot one yet. It's a fun little game I play trying to memorize ridiculous ones like "68ih4OvqNHI".

I forget my login names half the time though. The other day I tried to log into a website and I couldn't figure out my username. I tried every email account I had. None of them worked. I then tried all the nicknames I have for myself, nope. Would you believe my username was "lorriejollimore". Heee. It's so obvious no wonder I didn't get it right away.

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