8/4/2004 10:39:00 PM

Last night I dreamt I had a short lil' afro. I must have been worried about getting my hair cut today. Turned out not too bad. If you have curly hair you can relate to my horror. It has been years of conditioning myself to prep each and every stylist. I'm sure they've heard it all before.

No layers, they only look good for a short time before they turn into puff balls at the back of your head while you are growing them back. No bangs shorter than your nose. The bounce is unreal when your hair dries. No cutting wet unless you are sure the pep talk has gone over well and you can be sure they won't take too much length off.

For years I went to the same stylist. She didn't need the prep, I could just go in and relax. This was all good until I decided I really wanted a change and she couldn't part from doing the same old thing. Perhaps she thought I wasn't serious about cutting any considerable length off. Perhaps she thought I was just having "one of those days" you know those days, the ones where you make rash decisions like buying a second laptop, or a pink car cause you can't tell what color the car is when you are sitting inside.

Perhaps her clients were all too conservative and her creativity had gone stale. I felt like I was cheating when I booked my appointment with a new stylist. I spoke to a coworker about it. She told me she has 2 stylists that she uses in rotation. And the reason she gave me, "When I need a hair cut I need it right away." hmmm. There's some logic to that.

I must have gabbed for a good 15 minutes on hair experiences, the time it was cut too short, the time I tried to chemically straighten it, etc. All the while waiting for a sign that she knew what she was doing, especially since she had the most perfectly straight enviable hair.

Eventually I just put my trust in her skill, and stopped thinking about my dream.

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