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8/18/2004 12:56:00 PM

Well folks sorry for being out of touch for so long. If you felt any anguish at all for shizamos disappearance you can multiply that by 10 to feel mine.

It all started last week when I was on vacation in a place so desolate, there wasn't even a good cell phone signal, let alone internet connection. Heaven forbid resorting to dialup. All but a few text messages that managed to get through, I was disconnected. At first I felt an uneasy feeling come over me like an itch that you know you shouldn't scratch for fear of swelling. The feeling without internet later subsided into a thought somewhere in the very back of my mind, rather than the frontal lobe.

I started to like being "disconnected". In fact I had an awesome time. There was of course karate training Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Even in remote locations, karate exists. Whoa that's so yoda of me to say.

The moral of this is: If you are away from your internet for too long all hell will break loose. My domain had expired at the end of last week due to a typo in the registration email...I'm not going there, I let my host set it up last year. Anyways, I had to have my domain renewed so Shizamo was momentarily on vacation too.

That goes for my shizamo email as well, sorry if you couldn't get through to me, but all is back to normal now.

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