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8/26/2004 8:45:00 AM

When I look at the calendar and see August 26th, I feel a slight bit of anxiety. I always have. Summer was always my favorite time, but I realize that's only because I associate being on vacation with summer. In fact without any time off, summer isn't even as fun as winter. Why there's no snowboarding in summer!

I may have to start taking a week off in the winter to get rid of my anxious season change. Fall usually sends me into a phase of work, where my productivity soars and my social life plummets. I've never been a spring break Florida kind of gal. A trip this year to B.C. for snowboarding at spring break sounds much better.

I think I should have taken 2 weeks in a row this summer rather than one in July and one in August. I dunno it just feels like I haven't stopped working. Burn out could be near.

At least, last summer it felt like an entire summer within a summer, getting out of the country and taking 16 days away from work. I will keep this in mind for next year.

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