fill yer holes and paint away
9/28/2004 5:35:00 PM

Lee, the fabo curator, walks into my office today and says. "So I've come to brainstorm some ideas for your office." Really?!? Whatcha got in mind? "Well we should do something that works with that beige." ( I should explain, I have one wall in my office that was accidently painted beige, it's a concrete exterior wall that the architect left exposed. I like the wall. I liked it concrete more. Now it's a neutral beige because some interior designer got all busy with paint, until the day comes that it's sandblasted to it's original intention. )

Well what do you think is going to work with that institutional eggshell? (Candi's nick for the butt ugly beige.) "We could do that wall in white and the other two in pink." The pink from the Beauty Queens pink? Weeee.

What about the holes in the gyproc? "Ahh honey we can fill them up, just cut a piece of gyproc to fit and fill em." Easy for you to say, that's so not my thing. Computers, no problem, walls...not inclined at all.

I'm getting excited for some color and my own personal curator to choose my artwork.

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