hot or cold trippin
10/7/2004 8:25:00 AM

The only nice thing about taking your 3 weeks vacation in 3 or more increments, (you know a week here, a couple of days here, a couple there.) is that it feels like you are always getting ready for another break.

Which is nice, cause I could use a break. Karate 4 times a week is starting to take it's toll. I'm feeling very tired these days. With work and teaching and training it feels like all I do is work, eat, go to karate, walk the dog, sleep, and do it all over again the next day.

I started thinking about my spring break trip with the roomies to BC. Turns out they are only snowboarding for part of the week and spending the other part of the week surfing. That's right SURFING in BC in FEBRUARY! Cold. I don't even know how to surf! Cold. All I want to do is ride the powder...not the surf. Chilly.

So I was thinking it over, and decided to go with Candace and Silmar to Brazil for the CARNIVAL! Now that sounds like more fun, hot sunny Sao Paulo. Hot. Relax by the pool at the cottage. Hot.

I'm such a freak, I just bought my airline ticket yesterday at selloffvacations.com in case I changed my mind before February.

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