Step 2
2/27/2002 8:37:00 AM

Step 2 is turning off your machine. Not coming home from work to start downloading free things.

I think I spent 15 hours on a computer yesterday. So did Vee. That's gonna leave a mark.

In other great news, I got a new virus to add to my collection. (Thanks Ron.) People like to collect things. It is in their nature. I collect viruses. My collection is housed on about 10 - 3.5 inch floppies. (Not a huge collection, just a start.) I used to love the sound of the alert in the Norton Antivirus when you slid in a floppy that was infected. Now my iMac has no floppy drive so my collection hasn't increased in awhile. Most people who collect normal things like AOL cds think I'm some bad geek trying to spread viruses. Not at all. I'll never be sending my little samples out into the world. The process of collection is to learn more.

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