the little ninja fish
11/2/2004 8:16:00 AM

Last night I looked at the fish tank and didn't see any fish. That's weird, I better take a closer look. Where's Uno?

Then I found him. He was at the bottom under a fake plant. What's wrong little buddy? How come you aren't swimming around in the bubbles like you used to?

The tank has been infested with algae lately, forcing Rean and Nicky to buy 2 algae eaters. They've been eating like crazy, but it doesn't seem to be making much difference.

"Nicky, come quick, I think Uno's dead!" Nicky picked up the net and prodded the plant where Uno lay. He started swimming! "UNO!" "Oh no, that's not good Nicky, his face is all brown. He's losing his vibrant color. I think Uno's sick."

This morning he was just hovering at the surface right next to the heater. He's not belly up but he's not doing so well. I thought it was kinda strange too, one of the algae eaters seemed to be doing something to Uno's face.

Come on little ninja fish, you can make it.

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