Top reasons why I don't use Paypal.
11/17/2004 8:32:00 AM

1. After signing up to test Vee's software in 2001, I didn't think I'd need to remember my paypal login info. I'm used to websites sending my password to my email address, should it be one of the 12 out of 24 that I don't use as frequently. After receiving a statement sent to my email account, and failing numerous attempts to login, my account was frozen.

2. A frozen account was a tactic against hackers. Oh I bet they had a field day with Paypal in the beginning causing them to put into place such a nazi procedure for a lost password. Any other reputible company doing business on the web, allows for human error...and will email you your password. Not paypal. How could your own freaking email account be secure afterall?

2. A frozen account, although law breaking on their behalf, requires you to fax your drivers license and visa card to their head office to verify that you are who you say you are. F-ck MY BANK that I have my Visa with doesn't even require this type of verification!! Why don't I just post a page with my passport, let's see my driver's license, my credit cards, my bank card, my bank account number's, how much I make a year, who my employer is, how much money I owe in loans, oh yeah and my blockbuster rental card on a page on my website. Free for bots to mine and distribute to the masses.

3. An email sent to me last summer, allowed me to join the lawsuit against Paypal. ( See I told you they broke the law...because it's illegal not to allow someone access to their own account information.) But this is a California law suit and required me to send even more information, so I opted out. I'm a Canadian afterall. I don't care about law suits, that's just not our way up here...I just want to close my account at this point.

4. Numerous email statements still arrive in my inbox. I could owe service charges if they decided to change their policy and then I'd be screwed. Responsible to pay as an account holder. Don't you like how before you sign up you have to agree to their policy. This is nothing new...but if you read the small print, like I do, you'll see that they are free to change their policy at ANY TIME in ANY way. It's pretty much a dictatorship relationship. Opting out is not allowed.

5. There is NO Customer service. Oh there's an email address, but it goes into a void. I've emailed them. I've asked them to cancel my account, but I NEVER got a response. NO one to call and straighten out your account lock down. NO one. Did I say no one, cause there isn't any one to call.

6. I finally get an email from Paypal, telling me that my Visa card will soon expire and without updating my credit card, my account will be closed. Halle-f&ckin-luja!! Yeah I'll be giving you my new credit card information bozo, not bloody likely. So I wait. Maybe they finally closed my account like mentioned. NO. THEY DID NOT. They still continue to send me statements that I have no way of accessing without logging in. And even if I miraculously found my password, at this point it would do no good as my account is MARKED. Yes marked, frozen, locked down. A silly nightmare really.

So I'm excited about going to RIFF (Reel Island Film Festival) this weekend, and just about to purchase advance tickets online, when I see that you have to sign up for a Paypal account to complete the transaction. No way. Not this time goat blowers.

That is why I say screw paypal and the ip address it rode in on.

As for businesses out there who can't afford to build a complete ecommerce system, please have a second thought about the way Paypal runs it's business, before urging more sheep to sign up.

Whew thanks for bearing with me while I got that off my chest. I don't want to be one of those web loggers who bitch about everything and everyone. Nope. And just like that I feel right as rain. Information to the masses! (oh wait, unless it's my visa number and SIN.)

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