super wet plasma
11/24/2004 12:35:00 PM

We've had plumbers in our apartment building all week. They are rezoning the heating. Which means that Rean and I might actually get heat in our second floor bedrooms.

This also means that Rean decided to bleed his radiator in his room last night. No biggie, except it leaked all over the high speed modem and wireless router.

I immediately unplugged it. (Didn't want to have another technology water disaster). Then let it sit on the radiator for the night to dry out. I just plugged it back in moments ago, and bam. It's sending wireless signals again. I hate dropping names but (who am I kidding? toshiba laptop, samsung cell, the list goes on...) but this Microsoft wireless G router kicks butt!

Our home network which was named, superplasma before is now named superwetplasma.

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