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12/7/2004 10:09:00 PM

I switched my rate plan for my cell yesterday. The CSR I dealt with was really helpful. He recommended a plan that was only $5 more a month but would end up saving me between $20-50 a month. I always go over my daytime minutes. Mostly because my evening was not starting until 8 PM, when in my world it starts at 6 PM.

I discovered today after signing in to my telus mobility account online that the rep added an extra 100 bonus daytime minutes a month to the base plan. Sweet. I called today to put the CallerID feature back on, and the girl on the line discovered my bonus minutes. Then she discovered that I wasn't signed up for a 2 year contract so I wasn't exactly eligible for the bonus minutes. Of course she tried immediately to sell me a 2 year contract. "Nope, no thanks. I can hardly commit to anything for more than a year." Isn't that the truth...

Realizing that I wasn't going to budge, she then told me that the guy somehow did a system override to give me my extra bonus minutes. I'm liking this "Robert" rep even more now. He went out of his way to keep the customer happy with a nice little hack. Now that's customer service.

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