merry chrismus
12/25/2004 9:19:00 AM

Being home for Christmas so far, has me upgrading my brother Greg's iMac from os 9 to X. That's going to be a leap for him. I tried telling him already that it would look a little different. But I've always enjoyed watching Greg struggle with his computer, not knowing what to do next.

My brother Leith who was visiting on Christmas eve, has already arranged for me to rebuild a computer for him, out of the 2 he got recently. I can't seem to convince my family that they should spend more money and buy a new computer. The outcome will be me trying to salvage parts from one with a fried motherboard to create one that will boot up. He got the two of them for my niece, in the hopes that I would be able to make a complete system.

Being the only techie in the family leaves me no choice. Greg always refers to the time I told him to "buy a Mac because if anything goes wrong I'll be able to fix it." I was using Macs when I gave him this direction. He always reminds me that I've bought PCs since, and why did I convince him to buy junk that no one is using. He's not really aware of the iPod explosion.

Dad seemed bent on letting everyone know this year that everyone was saying "Christmas" wrong. That it changed from Christ Mass to Chris Muss. somewhere along the way.

Merry Chrismus everyone, I mean Christmass.

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