3/6/2002 10:03:00 PM

I never thought I'd say this. In fact years ago I couldn't imagine thinking this way at all.

First I'll start off by saying that a Macintosh user rarely strays over to the dark side. (Windows)

I know I am an exception, but certainly not the only one. I can't think of one other person right now, but I know that I must know someone who uses both. It's one thing for me to want to know how many operating systems work for the sake of knowing and using the one that is best fitted to the task at hand, (Ex: Publishing on a PC could cause injury...) but to actually prefer Windoze over Mac OS, being a designer, would be utter absurdity.

I might as well just come out with it. I love the way WindowsXP works. I love the way it looks and feels. I think they completely ripped off MacOS X and maybe that is why I love it so. Everything is so glassy and smooth, instead of the usual grey bland. The "X" isn't the only thing in common. I'm hating the big icons though. (I hate them on MacOSX too.) They take up too much real estate big. A rare case where smaller actually is better.

So is this another 1-2 from Bill? You do something Steve, then I'll do something just like it. Will this all be pointless someday cause the OS of the future will be a morphing of Linux, Mac and Windows? I couldn't begin to guess. Time will tell. At least in the meantime when I launch Photoshop in WindowsXP I can actually forget for one second that I'm using a PC, and feel right at home. :)

The nice part then, is that I can launch InterDev and code away.

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