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1/18/2005 7:45:00 AM

Well I'm only slightly overdue with my new year's resolutions. Afterall, I'm just getting back into the regular routine of keeping office hours. I must admit having 3 weeks off has led to many new discoveries. Sometimes you have to stop putting out the fires to see if what's burning down is worth saving.

The first being, I can't really stop working. I took about one week off, where I didn't even turn on my own computer (my brother's Mac doesn't count). After about a week I got bored and needed my stimulation again. The important part of this discovery is that I'm doing the right kind of work when it doesn't feel like work.

Secondly, I discovered that my natural schedule wasn't far from my regular daily routine. The discovery was made after 3 nights in a row of staying up until 3am, coding, then 3:30am coding, then 4am writing. I felt so out of whack by the third night that I decided to get back to my old schedule. The body does seem to function better when there is a hint of consistancy.

I made some new goals for the year, and just by having this blueprint outlined I feel that I'm over half way to reaching them.

The resolutions are as follows; balance my life with work, family, leisure (snowboarding, travel) building strong relationships, and finance. (saving for my future, which I've kinda overlooked thinking "ahh I'm young, there's time for that retirement savings stuff later" There's also that nagging thought of my bookkeeping, and the envelope of receipts that I dump on my accountants desk every year before tax time). I hope to achieve balance in my life by maintaining goals in all of these areas.

Here's a list of bad habits I'm adjusting...
1. Not answering my cell during meal times.
2. Asking for what I want.
3. Listening not just hearing.
4. Focusing on the important stuff, the work that energizes me, and delegating the stuff that sucks the life out of me...did I mention my bookkeeping?

There you have it. Now that I've written it down, I guess I should try to stick to it. If any of you have secrets or points to share about staying true to your resolutions, I'd love to listen.

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