no jouer again
3/8/2005 5:21:00 PM

It's roll up the rim season here on the island. I never buy Tim Hortons coffee anymore.

The other morning on the way to the hill, I grabbed a Tim's because of the ease of the drive thru. I then realized that I forgot to roll up the rim after I chucked the cup in the garbage at Brookvale. When I told Eli that I forgot to roll the rim, he mentioned that I shouldn't let it take over my thoughts and ruin my day snowboarding. Geeze, could it? I then silently thought that somewhere in my head was this victim of marketing, that I "coulda" won the big prize. Shisha!

Yep, I "coulda" been a big prize winner, instead every cup that I've checked since said "again". Is that cup mocking me? Oh you "again", thought I already told you, you "coulda" won.

Interestingly enough, while in Brazil, I noticed that people looked at you crazy when you asked for a cafe to go. Nobody drinks cafe on the run. I guess a roll up the rim campaign would totally bomb in Brazil. In fact their carry away cups were plastic and not made to hold hot liquids. Nothing like the swank Starbucks, 60% recycled insulating sleeves up here. Then again, the pace was better in Brazil, "sit down and drink your damn coffee in a real mug girl, you need to chill."

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