google wars
3/16/2005 10:24:00 AM

It's come down to winning at Google rank.

First of all let me begin this story by saying that I arrive home to Jevon MacDonald playing poker in my den. Then the conversation starts, about rank with Google. Who owns who?

I can only say now that the only reason that I'm using his full name is to get a higher ranking with Google on his own damn name.

It's a sick world that we live in when I see a search engine become the basis for conversation.

Also I might add at this point that I named Goo on September 12, 2003 two years ago, before Google had such a hold on the web.

My thoughts right now...that Goo is short for Google but I was on to the whole alien abduction theory since 2003.

You heard it here on Shizamo first.

BTW, shizamo has top rank on Google right now as a search parameter, even though my own damn name doesn't.

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