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3/29/2005 12:39:00 PM

I've noticed a trend lately. I've heard many people say they plan to wake up at 5:30AM or thereabouts to start their day. The benefits included being able to stick to an exercise routine or taking time out to write. Perhaps it isn't so much a trend as a good habit of success.

My friend Candace has been doing this for years. I never knew why they would choose to not sleep in. But I think they just caught on to the benefits before I did.

I've recently chosen to wake at 6:30AM to spend an hour drinking coffee and preparing for my day, before I rush off to work. This hour is "me time", to focus on my goals, or do pilates or stretch or whatever. I may just end up reading Slashdot but at least I'll be awake and relaxed to start my work day.

Ren inspired me to the idea originally. He's been waking up wanting his breakfast earlier and earlier. I think he's already on Daylight Savings Time. :)

The only concern with my new schedule is trying to keep up with my old one. I'm feeling an incredible low energy period around 3 o'clock. I think it's not natural for me to be working at that time of day. Ideally I'd work 7 hours between 7:30AM - 2:30PM, and enjoy my afternoon doing something outside.

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