geek neck
3/18/2002 11:05:00 PM

I have discovered lately that I have geek neck. "Geek neck" is diagosed as a muscle sprain or tightened muscles most commonly found on the neck and shoulders of geeks. The mouse side shoulder is usually hit hardest. Without adequate rest this condition will continue to worsen, until you have to do other things besides using your computer.

I know exactly what caused it. If I do any amount of graphics or drawing now I seem to forget to take a break. Three hours later I walk away, not knowing the pain I will feel after a night's rest.

So now it's been a week straight of geek neck and no shoulder rotations and neck stretching will loosen the knot.

Whinning is a trait I hate to admit to.

What I don't understand is how vee over there rarely complains? The geek force is strong in that one.

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