non Paris, oui Cowboy
5/9/2005 8:32:00 AM

Due to unforseen circumstances, I am not going to Paris! Hee. Well I decided that it wasn't the right time to go to Paris, since I would like to consider spending more than a week there. To travel around more of Europe, than just Paris, and to stay longer than a week seems better.

Besides I'm dying to go to Japan, and that really should be my next major destination.

It's a funny thing. I avoided the Stampede like the plague when I lived in Calgary, but I'm getting an itch in my saddle to go this year. I miss Calgary. I miss the pho on Center Street.

I bought a pink fur cowboy hat on the weekend. Yeeeehawwwww! I'm off to the western yonder in about a month. Maybe it's the mountains that are luring me. Too bad it wasn't snowboard season.

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