flattery will get you
3/27/2002 9:25:00 PM

Lately I've been getting all this fan mail for Runebot. These boys think that I created the application when in fact it was Vee's little hobby not mine. I keep telling them that and forwarding their mail to Vee. I got one today that read..." can u send me some pic if u plz i think ur cute"...another signed "admirer" Judging by the slang I'm guessing about 10-13 year old range. That's just cute :) in a sick way. :\

Still didn't see E.T. (again) yet or get to catch Buck65 at the Marquee. Missed them both last Friday night due to a blizzard between Truro and Halifax. It was nasty. I realized that I have a phobia. Didn't think I had any but driving in reduced visibility is definately one. Doesn't even have to be snow, fog will set me off too. I was a complete wreak by the time I got to Hali.

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