don't wait for a proposal
5/25/2005 6:44:00 PM

I'm not in the habit of complaining anymore. Who am I kidding here? I have an intelligent readership, so I'll get to the point. When it comes to advertising, I must designate that area free for rantings...

I'm watching tv, when I see this ad for TD Bank, about mortgages. I'm in the market to buy a house, so I naturally perk up and pay attention. That is until I see everyone who was approved for a mortgage come outside of the bank and kiss their partner.

Yes the message TD is sending kiddies is this, "married" people buy houses. At the very least "couples". Fc*k that I say. What for once I'm not the target audience and I have to get all nutty about it! What's that telling the younger generation? Not to think about building your assets until you have a partner! I think I've had that in my head for years and it's time to throw away the illusion.

I will go it alone! I'm going to own my own house. If single gals are reading this, listen to me "you don't have to wait until you are in a couple to get approved for a mortgage."

Geeze I'm going to walk out of the bank when I sign my mortgage and kiss my dog. I guess I won't be going it alone.

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