get back to your roots
6/2/2005 12:35:00 PM

I got a new cell phone last night, and switched back to Rogers. It's sure nice to have a Nokia again. I got the 6620 Nokia, so I could install Flash Lite 1.1 to develop flash apps for my phone. That's the only reason. Well that and Telus is way way expensive. Good bye, TDMA carrier hello GSM! Besides my Samsung phone should be able to do more, if it weren't for the bogus operating system Telus installs. But the real kicker to say adios is, my bills are really high with them.

Jamie at the Rogers Tech Centre location will help you switch, and get you $100 credit if you cancel your existing phone plan with Telus or (ahhemAliant). Plus if you say I referred you I'll get a sweet cred too.


If this sweet deal isn't your bag, would you at least like to upgrade to the Samsung A600 swivel camera phone on your existing Telus account. I've got 2 wall chargers plus a car charger, going at an incredible deal!

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