telus blows goats
6/8/2005 12:37:00 PM

I just cancelled my Telus cell. Looks like they heard about the Rogers deal of $100 credit to cancel your account with another carrier, cause Telus just charged me $100 to cancel 1 month early on my contract.

Then the sales rep had the nerve to ask if I knew anyone who I could just transfer my account to. I told him that I understood it was a regular monthly charge to cancel early, so I said "not after hearing about that $100 bogus charge, I will not be recommending anyone to Telus." Geeze at least Rogers knows something about customer service. There was no incentive to stay with Telus at all.

This leaves me in a moral dilemma now when selling my Samsung. The thing that bugged me most was the insincerity in the dudes voice, "gee I'm sorry to hear that." I don't think he was one bit sorry. Companies should train their reps properly when it comes to customer service. They shouldn't make them read a lifeless script if the person delivering it has no expression in their voice what so ever. I would rather not hear any comments then some delivered insincerely. Wankers!

I suppose the dood answering the phone is so far removed from Telus to begin with, that he has no obligation to deliver good customer service. My call likely went to a huge call centre in India where the costs are better for the corporation. Maybe he didn't give me the sales pitch because the reason I gave for switching was the GSM phones at Rogers. He had to admit there was nothing to offer with Telus there.

That theory on an episode of Seinfeld, where everything balances out...is holding true. +$100 - $100 = 0. So I guess I'm even Steven.

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