phase 2 complete
4/3/2002 8:38:00 PM

"Looks like phase2 is now complete" vee says calmly after the arrival of his new KR7A-RAID motherboard by FedEx yesterday. The reaction was much cooler than the initial one for the workstation case. The novelity hasn't worn off yet, but I sense that the real excitement will be weeks away when he gets to finally boot up.

On our way back to work after lunch we were cutting through the park, as he says "You see computer parts for me, are the equivalent of shoes for you." "Oh I say, I haven't ever bought a pair of shoes every two weeks before." Thinking how riduculous that would be, I zone out for a moment, realizing that the effectiveness of buying the shoes would be gone if you got a pair every two weeks. Where's the therapy in that?

So I think awhile more, wishing that I had a clever response to his statement. When it seems I have none. I know the distinction but fail to represent the case.

It's that time of year to buy new rollerblades. I have finally retired my old pair. At least the guilt of being a mass consumer is slightly less when I think of all the great exercise the new blades will provide. And it's not everyday that Vee is willing to get outside and get some exercise. This new hobby could be the perfect thing for spring.

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