The end of an era
8/4/2005 9:06:00 AM

I clean out pinkie. I take Yoda off the dashboard, and Spock and the Borg out of the middle compartment and set them in the house. I've had this car nearly 7 years.

The drive to the dealer went by quickly. Next thing you know, I'm getting out of pinkie for the last time. I shut the door.

I get back in, and kiss my finger then touch the dash. "Thanks for always starting pinkie.", I whisper.

Now I can walk away and not look back. Well it does make it easier to get rid of your Geo when you are buying a BMW. I hop in and adjust the heated black leather seat electronically. Straighten the mirrors and start the engine. Roar. Weeeee. My new 525i is the sweetest ride I've ever had.

I know one thing is for sure...I won't be riding another Geo again. Renny seems to like the new beemer as well, even though he doesn't get good traction on the leather seats.

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