pig pandemonium
8/20/2005 2:00:00 PM

Yesterday I saw my first pig race. WEEEEEEEE. Josh and I were scouting a location for an upcoming short, and the pig race was the real reason I agreed to pay admission to Avonlea Village.

Listen if there's a pig race going on, there has to be a wager. Josh bet on Charlotte the only female in the lot. I wasn't sure of the remaining, if Wilbur or George would win. I had to size them up. Then I made my decision based solely on which one came over to the side of the fence to sniff renny. Renny was thinking "ummm pork chops". But I think George could have eaten renny pretty quick.

I bet on George. We are near the finish line waiting for the race to start when Charlotte jumped the fence and ran to the finish line! So technically Josh won. Matthew Cuthbert said that Charlotte was disqualified, which meant that I would win the bet, as George won once he and Wilbur were let out.

I ended up giving Josh a quarter because Charlotte definitely showed the most spunk to win the race.

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